Who we can help

International Executives

Executives who are employed by multinational corporations under a string of short-term contracts often find that they face high tax and social security costs in each country and that local limits on contributions to deferred compensation arrangements mean that they are never able to build up a substantial pot for the future. This, coupled with the fact that they may be priced out of the property market in their country of residence, means that the conventional short-term employment arrangement may place the international executive at a substantial disadvantage to the executive who operates in one jurisdiction.

Opus, as a global employment company, is able to employ such individuals to provide their services to the end user client. Through our strategic alliances with recruitment agencies, we are able to assist the executive to source future work and achieve competitive remuneration rates. Additionally, we can provide the individual with a deferred compensation arrangement that is not subject to local restrictions on contributions levels and investment types.

The end client also benefits from the arrangements, as it is able to indirectly receive the services of the individual and perhaps retain the individual for longer, but without the administrative expense and potential liabilities of direct employment.

Property Consultants

Through our expertise in employing consultants in the field of property sourcing, development and marketing and our understanding of the industry, we can help such individuals to achieve optimal levels of net income from the provisions of their services and to structure their remuneration so as to receive long-term benefits. Additionally, through our strategic alliances with property agencies and other third parties, we can assist the individual to source future work, thereby maximising current and future income flow. Opus takes care of the compliance and administration burden of providing the individual’s services to the end user client, and removes issues such as unlimited personal liability, so freeing the individual to do what he does best.

Sportspersons and Entertainers

Often the ‘brand’ of high-profile sportspersons and entertainers is left either under-developed or under-protected at a time when it is of most potential value, and therefore such individuals never fully maximise their earning potential. Opus specialises in assisting such individuals with the exploitation of their image rights. We work alongside the individual’s managers/agents with our team of specialist branding experts and professional advisers to help enhance the value of the individual’s image rights and protect the brand in a tax efficient way going forward.